Custom software solutions

Build unique software for your specific requirements.

We specialise in creating custom software solutions for the needs of every business, organisation or institution. At Naxicon we understand that businesses have unique software requirements that will enhance their day-to-day operations.


We see each project from the conceptual to rollout and through to support. Naxicon will work with your business to develop the software, consult throughout the build and ensure that your software is futureproof.


There is no limit to what a bespoke software solution can do to transform your business.

Problem Solving

Solving complex problems through code analisys and repair

Our expert software engineers and can assist your organization in the reviewing your software code, locating broken code and applying a fix.

Through our systematic analysis of the current state of your code and through an understanding of your desired outcomes, Naxicon can implement a fix that will get you back up and running in no time.


Our team can also assist in bridging legacy software with the demands of a modern software suit.



Bolster your current IT Team with additional temporary resources for big projects.

Need an extra hand or fresh set of eyes to tackle your ongoing or upcoming IT challenge? Naxicon can provide the extra heads that will ensure your next project is implemented with minimum downtime or pushback.


Bolster your IT department with individuals that are experts in their fields and that can add value to whatever you are aspiring to achieve.


Get that project over the line and make sure that the business continues to operate seamlessly.

Desktop Applications Development

High efficient, scalable, multi platform applications easy to maintain

Ensure that your team stays productive and that your custom software solution is working for you by creating a desktop application to compliment your day to day activities.


Any type of software can be developed for the desktop, where a large number of your workforce spends their day.


Capitalise on productivity gains when your unique software is running side-by-side with the most powerful business software suits available.

Mobile Application Development

Build native and cross platform mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms

Guarantee the mobility of your workforce and ensure that information is accessed, entered and conveyed in real time and from anywhere.


Enjoy the benefits that an enterprise app delivers to your workforce and position your business as a disruptor in your industry. Be a leader and empower your workforce with the right tools.


Improve on the above by developing a mobile app that will engage your customers and client base. An app for iOS and/or Android that will live on the devices of your target audience and place your brand in their pocket.

Web applications development

Beautiful, robust, high scale web applications to make users happy

Access your bespoke software solution through the versatility of a browser. Irrespective of where you are, you can always access systems that are crucial to what you do.


Possibilities are endless for your team, contractors or customers. The Web app will ensure that your platform is accessible from any device both in the office or out in the field.


A web application can serve as a bridge between or act as a failsafe alternative to your desktop bound or mobile application.

Cloud and Cross-Platform Integration

Integrate your desktop, mobile and web apps with your local, cloud or hybrid server.

When you want your unique software to be accessible from everywhere, you will need to make sure that all types of data can be accessed and available to several software suits.


Naxicon software engineers can ensure that this is possible through an understanding of your data ecosystem and how this data is accessed.


We can also work with your team to ensure that all your data is transferred correctly and with no-loss when moving to the cloud or your hybrid server. We create the software to make this possible.


Software consultants high educated, long term experience and highly motivated engineers can help customers in need

Sometimes, just a little insight or direction can be enough to open a world of software possibilities.


For whenever your business needs guidance as to the impact that a unique software solution can have on the way your business operates, the experts at Naxicon can assist.


Solution overview, experience  and information on implementation strategies can be enough to set you on the right path.


Consult with one of our experts and make sure that your business is on the right path to be competitive, an industry leader and futureproof.

Web & Graphic Design

Beautiful, simple and eye catching designs

Stay on top of the latest trends in UI and brand recognition by employing the experts from Naxicon.


We create simple and robust website solutions with public and internal portals that will engage your customers and keep your team working together.


Naxicon also aids in brand recognition by ensuring that all branding proliferates in all aspects of your website and unique software solutions.


Even if you don’t have a branding strategy, Naxicon can help.

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